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Start Again!

Facebook is not enough. Every business needs a website

But not every business can afford a website.

Until Now!

Light4Soul’s Amazing WordPress websites that are designed to tell your story.


While businesses were in lockdown,  sharing selfies, and pretty pictures of their food, the world changed.

Everything went digital. People that never used their computers much were ordering food, cleaning supplies, art supplies, books, educational materials, videos on self help, and connecting via zoom to friends and family.

The dependency went from ZERO to 160 overnight. And now many business are fighting to catch up.

Cookie cutter websites make it harder.

Here is why…

Websites are subject to extreme snap judgments on perceived credibility. You have 8 seconds, a full second less than the attention span of your average goldfish, to build a gut level connection between a potential client and your brand.

57{adf03471c70bc8114ba939a4ead795dc42e1770869422a3fc5206141d27312b1} say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website.

We have created hundreds of websites for clients. We have the vision and expertise to help you. We want you to make a lasting impression with your clients and so we will deliver the results you need to stand out from the crowd.

This offer includes:

• A discovery questionnaire
• Mood/Brand board
• Divi  WordPress site
• Integrated blog & contact form
• Basic search engine optimization
• A tutorial on how to use your new site
• Access to a private FB group
• half hour 1:1 time
• Divi Theme Installation
• Estimated delivery time: 2– 4 weeks

This is an exclusive offer to Our Town Strong small business listings. 


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