You’re in the Right Place! Marietta Strong

Another way we can get through this together. 

Let’s promote each other’s businesses-
1. Find each other on the virtual downtown we’re building.
2. Give a shout out.
3. Share on social media.

It is an easy place to find what we are each offering and a way to keep our businesses visible to the community, even if the doors are temporarily closed — and when customers are afraid to come.

For example, you could sell gift certificates and we could promote it as a way to support businesses. You might be letting customers in by appointment. We can let people know.

One way to get through this together is for each business to choose another to promote each week on social media, and we like and share each other’s posts. Each business can include their social media and website links for other businesses to promote. 

Link to the video  

The Marietta Strong Pages – Check if your listing is there and if everything is correct.

Listings and Corrections: (Also, if  you know an artist or photographer who would like to contribute something as the cover page of the virtual downtown to replace the river photos, please let us know.) If not, please send us your information or corrections by using this form.

Shout Outs: Send us your shout out using this form.

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