IMG_0022Athens County, Ohio, is home to plenty of things to see and do. From learning about yoga at the Inhale Yoga Studio to enjoying the last days of summer in the Strouds Run State Park, it’s easy to keep busy! There are even ways that the community can offer support to those in need, including helping out at the Southeastern Ohio Legal Services or the Community Food Initiative.

In fact, a new project has been developed in Athens, Ohio, as a way that the community of Athens County can not only help themselves but help the environment as well. It’s called UpGrade Athens County, and its aim is to connect people with the resources they need to reduce energy use and to access renewable, sustainable energy solutions in southeast Ohio.

Created through the Southeast Ohio Public Energy Council and through agreements with Empower Gas and Electric and AEP Energy, UpGrade Athens aims to help the community reduce home energy costs and consumption, increase overall efficiency and encourage technological innovations and sustainable, environmentally friendly energy choices. The focus is on making the home, the neighborhood and the community a better, more sustainable place for everyone to live.

So how can you, as a community member or business, help UpGrade Athens County to reach its goal? There are quite a few ways. As a business owner, you can become an active member of the Green Business Committee, a group of green-friendly business owners who are actively trying to promote investment in cleaner, more environmentally friendly ways of doing business. As a school official, you can get in on the Green Schools Initiative, which aims to make the public schools of Athens County not only more energy efficient, but also to create a customized action plan that is designed specifically for each school, concentrating on what they need, and what they can offer. Right now plans include helping schools reduce their energy costs by at least 30{5b6c00ae8a31f44c65b344f315968efbd322bfc6ea45e4e8cca9716c4473fad8} and taking part in a community solar garden.

As a homeowner, you can make use of various resources, advice and help to make sure your home is as efficient as possible.

For more information, please visit the Upgrade Athens County Website.