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Welcome to the Milkweed project!

If you’re here, most likely you’ve received seeds from us. If you’ve found this page and don’t have seeds, please write to us and we’ll send you some!

Hope2Hope Media, LLC, PO Box 96, Caldwell, OH 43724, or email at (write “milkweed seeds” in subject line).

Why I’m Recommending Spring Planting

I’m including some links here to help you plant your milkweed seeds. There are some conflicting advice among the websites — some say you have to plant in the Fall. However, I think it’s better to stratify or “vernalize” your seeds in your own refrigerator through the winter and plant in the Spring, especially if you want your children to watch them grow. You’ll also be able to differentiate the sprouts from other “weeds” more easily. (Weeds is in quotations because many plants we consider to be weeds have much value.)  

A female monarch is landing on a flowering milkweed.

Just grow them in flats as you would any other seed in the early Spring and transplant according to the instructions you find on the following websites. The instructions for vernalizing are on the Monarch Watch website. I’ve posted a couple of excerpts below. Look for those paragraphs toward the bottom of the article.

Excerpt from Monarch Watch:

Vernalization (Or Stratification?)
Seeds of most temperate plants need to be vernalized, which is a fancy way of saying that they need cold treatment. The best way to give the required vernalization is through stratification. To stratify seeds place them in cold, moist potting soil (sterilized soil is best but is not required) in a dark place for several weeks or months…

Even after vernalization / stratification, seeds of many plant species will not germinate. In these cases, the seed coats appear to require action by physical or chemical agents to break down or abrade the seed coat…

Milkweed pod not ready to harvest.

Milkweed pod not ready to harvest.

Other Websites With Information on Milkweed

The Seed and the Fuzz

Natural propagation of Milkweed.

Natural propagation of Milkweed.

When you opened your envelope, you’ll notice I left the fuzzy feathery part on the seeds. I thought it would be great for kids to see. Some may be disconnected by the time it gets to you. I originally wanted to send you an entire seed pod, but I couldn’t figure out how to mail it to you in an affordable way. If you want an entire pod, send me a check for the postage. I will be back to this page next week some time with a price. I’m going to pack one up in a box and bring it to the post office to get a price. I’ll be traveling for a few days, so if the info isn’t here, please check back!  We have a few acres and there are seed pods everywhere.

Saving Seeds

Next Fall, why not save a couple pods to give away to neighbors? Spread the butterfly love around!

Protect these!

Monarch butterfly chrysalis

Monarch butterfly chrysalis

Milkweed in Bloom! Not That Pretty, but More Fragrant than Lilac!

Your yard will have a heavenly fragrance!

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