Instructions for food buying club or co-op. 


The purpose of a buying club or co-op is to gain a significant discount buy buying a large amount as a group. I belonged to one years ago when I was raising a family. The items available are mostly items you might find in a nature food store at a significantly higher cost, even in the bulk food section. 

As I write this, we will be deciding when our first order goes in based on the needs of potential members. I found a supplier that can deliver in any week we have a collective order of $375 or more. The simplest way for us to do this is for you to open an account with the company and place your orders. You will give the delivery address and they will pool those together. So see below for instructions. If you prefer to order with one of us or a friend, we will work with you. Just let someone know. 


You can see the available products by going to the website, or you can ask for a physical catalog if you’re like me and prefer to have it in your hands! In that case, you can call in your order. Here are the instructions for ordering. If we get orders worth $375 by the end of this week (Thursday or Friday), we will get a delivery next week. If not, it will roll over to the next week. 

  1. Go to
  2. Open an account.
  3. Order and pay for your items. 
  4. You need to give the delivery address. For now, it will be 214 Sacra Via, Marietta OH. That may change in the near future and we will keep you informed. 
  5. Email ____________ with the amount you ordered. This will ensure that we know when we have $375 in orders. 
  6. When the truck leaves, they will call me and I will let everyone know. I will let people know when the items arrive for pick up. If you might be available to help carry in and organize the orders, please let us know. 

Frankferd’s phone: 724-352-9500

We are searching for a farmer or farmers who might be interested in selling produce at a discount to our group, so let us know what you might like us to ask for. Also, let us know if you know of anyone.