Kiteara K. Sinnett joins Marietta and Beyond’s staff as an intern

Kiteara K. Sinnett has begun a writing internship with Marietta and Beyond. Kiteara is a senior at Williamstown High School in Williamstown, WV. She has a passion for writing. In her own words, she states the reason she wants to intern is: 

“I want to intern because this is my true passion. I know the internship is a way to cultivate my talents for the real world and the career I wish to follow. By doing this internship, I also will have a better idea of what the future will entail for me, and the skills I will need to develop. This opportunity is not one I plan to take for granted and I only hope for the best in my future in the position alongside Ms. Christiane Marshall.” 

Kiteara’s love for writing started in second grade at Williamstown Elementary with “the most wonderful woman, Ms. Hickey.” Kiteara took a writing assignment and wrote much more than was required. Ms. Hickey encouraged her writing efforts and she hasn’t stopped yet. 

Kiteara is a prolific writer who has written many chapters of a novel already.  At Marietta and Beyond, she will be writing non-fiction articles about local happenings or businesses and she will also contribute some creative writing. 

“We hope that local businesses will welcome Kiteara’s efforts at gaining information to write articles,” Christiane Marshall, founder of Marietta and Beyond said. “She is very enthusiastic about writing for the magazine and I know she do well. 

She has already written one article soon to be published, and I’m very happy with her work.” 

Marietta and Beyond has been publishing local stories and stories of interest to residents and visitors to Marietta and surrounding areas since 2014 and has a Facebook page and an Instagram account. The magazine strives to focus on local and healthful living, and education and participates in most of the programs of Building Bridges to Careers in order to encourage youth to consider careers in publishing.  Aside from publishing, Marietta and Beyond offers writing, advertising and web design services to local businesses.