Locksmith to the Rescue!

By Christiane Marshall

originally Published on: Oct 2, 2020

Who hasn’t had to call a locksmith after locking their keys in the car? What would we do without them! Just like the plumber and electrician, our infrastructure and peace of mind would wither away if we couldn’t count on them. As a landlord, I depend on locksmiths to do key and lock changes periodically after keys disappear or tenants don’t return them. And, my busy project filled life has often led to a little forgetfulness.

I can’t count how many times I’ve had to call Ace Lock in Marietta. The type of relationship they have with their customers reminds me of the baker, butcher and dairy delivery people that used to drive to my grandmother’s house in Quebec on a weekly basis. What she didn’t grow or bake she bought from them and then enjoyed a little conversation. As a child visiting, it felt like family was dropping by.

Rob Wigal, who runs Ace Lock, said his dad Ted Wigal started the business. At first it was just a hobby, and then it was a freelance, solopreneur, mobile type of business. Then Ted met John Barton and they worked together for a while until Barton retired. Barton sold his business to Wigal, and father and son got certified in security management at Lockmaster’s Institute — an intensive course for locksmiths in Nicholasville Kentucky. If you happen to be passing through, Rob suggests you might find the Lockmaster’s Museum interesting. Rob said that locks change and evolve constantly, so learning is an ongoing activity. Automotive locks change more rapidly than anything else. He said it is a constant competition between locksmiths and dealerships. The Wigal family likes to buy new locks and mess with them to learn how they work.

It isn’t just new locks that makes the locksmithing life interesting. It can also be real life comedy. For example, Rob has opened up cars before and then found that the back door was open all along, or on arrival, discovering that a window was rolled all the way down. Recently, a college student in Athens from out west returned after the school re-opened but left her key out west. Rob got her taken care of and a few minutes after leaving received a call from the student. She had forgotten that the door automatically locked itself behind her — so he turned around to rescue the student a second time. After getting clear over to Belpre, it happened again and he came back again!

Ace Lock can help with car and apartment lock outs, with locks on commercial or apartment buildings, other commercial jobs like oil field sites, with safes, car keys and more. They do big jobs like recently rekeying two schools in Caldwell, or small jobs like helping absent-minded writers get back into her car, sometimes twice in the same day. Yes, it’s true. Some scenarios we might not think of include getting into locked things after a death in the family, or an individual who has forgotten the combo. 

You can find Ace Lock on Second Street in Marietta Ohio, or simply call. The landline gets transferred to their cell phones after hours. There’s an extra charge after hours, but isn’t it great to know they are there and will respond? 

Ace Lock Safe and Security, Inc. •  130 2nd St, Marietta, OH 45750  • Tel: (740) 373-1224  acelockkey.com