We’ve all heard the popular sayings before

No man is an island,

It takes a village to raise a child… 

These phrases evoke images of community and people working together in order to make the world a better place.

MAB believes that no business, service or organization is an island. In order to bring in more businesses, to expand on the arts and entertainment — to make this a destination — it takes all of us: the not-for-profits, the businesses, the services,  and the community… all working together to make MOV thrive.

We want to do our part through positive stories online, in social media, and with digital and traditional print.  Through our stories we hope to inspire positive change where it’s needed, encourage open dialogue and  to listen to what you have to say.  We want the outside world to see that the MOV is a destination for the quality of life we all seek – that it offers tremendous opportunities, beauty and an open heart.

Marietta and Beyond is comprised of a small team of creatives, thinkers and makers focused on changing the way people view the MOV.

Let’s work together!