Pandemic Self-Care

Calming Advice From a Local Mom -Entrepreneur

Okay, go grab a cup of tea or coffee and sit in your favorite chair, even light a candle. Cat Bigley’s timely suggestions will warm your heart calm your spirit. Let’s take a few minutes away from the chaos and fear of our days.

Written by Christiane Marshall, Editor 

Do we really need another article about the fear and worry that has come across us in astronomical Ways recently? I think not. 

The CDC has some great resources of how to deal with one of our stressors. Unfortunately, we are bombarded with more than just the pandemic as I write this. 

But seriously.  When you are struggling with so many new situations —  suddenly thrown into working from home, living away from your loved ones, balancing out homeschool while mourning the loss of the plans you made, or of a loved one… are you really popping on the CDC website to see what you’re supposed to do next? 

As a community member wearing many hats — mother, teacher and many more — I want to give you a message of hope and validation. I want to give the gift of permission to just be a little bit messy in our transition to this new way of life. 

There are days when I know for myself and my children that our mental health is just as important as our physical health … or wait, it’s all connected isn’t it? You can’t have mental health without physical health. Sometimes that means going and seeing my parents, or getting out and enjoying fresh air – to keep a bit of normalcy in our schedule.  

That is the risk that we take purely to keep our mental health and balance. Nobody wants to get that virus, but it seems there is evidence that we’ll have years of struggle with the mental health issues coming from isolation, depression and financial instability. 

I often find myself pulling from ancient wisdom and looking to see what generations before us, and other cultures have done in chaotic and devastating times like ours. You and your family may have found a good balance. But for those who are still feeling a bit lost, here are my suggestions. If you have some to add, please add a comment! (If you can’t see your comment right away, it’s because your first one has to be approved. We’ll be checking, so don’t worry!) 

  • Spend time around children! There is hope in the future. If you have a skill, maybe you can teach it to a child who normally would be busy doing schoolwork or other things. 
  • Limit your exposure to the media. This also means that we don’t take anything personally. One of my favorite of the four agreements and the Toltec  culture is nothing is ever about you. Everything that someone else does is a direct reflection of their own thoughts, fears and insecurities.
  • Love your neighbor and have compassion that something you don’t understand could be a result of a struggle that you’re not seeing that’s going on internally for them. 
  • Respect others and their choices regarding the amount of time they spend in the company of other people, or whether or not they wear a mask. 
  • Look for resources in your church or community, maybe even try a yoga class ( I highly recommend it )

At the end of the day, honor the unseen. Mental health is so very important. 

Be safe in mind, body and spirit.

Cat Bigley, RYT Yoga