I tried yoga for the first time last week, and it was on the rooftop of the Lafayette! How cool is that? I asked the instructor, Cat Lang-Bigley to tell me briefly what the benefits of yoga are for people over 50.  Here is what she said:

Yoga for sedentary lifestyles and aging can promote bone density, balance and teach ways to calm the mind.

There are truly so many benefits, and I’ve taught seniors for most of my teaching career — Tai Chi first, now Yoga. 

I’ll admit I do put some Tai Chi concepts into the yoga classes…..I do joint rotations from Tai Chi, releasing the natural fluid — the Tin man needing oil.

If you’re interested in giving yoga a try, and would like to try the rooftop experience, go here. Contact Betsey Mills Club for other times in more traditional spaces!

Regarding the rooftop yoga, Cat says:

Anytime fitness is covering the cost of the rooftop rental and the proceeds will be given to the Betsey Mills  as a donation.

To your health!

The Healing Chef