One of Cat’s specialties is empowering women. But I’m not going to say that a man can’t get something out of her timely message. ~Christiane Marshall, editor


A Message from Cat Lang-Bigley –

Put Your Mask on First!

(Said every airline to every passenger)

How to refill your cup, so you can be better for those around you…self care is not selfish.

All of you amazing women who are keeping the world turning in this completely ridiculous strange new world we find ourselves in — I SEE YOU !!

You’ve got this – you amazing woman! Yes – YOU! Now, I suggest you go stand in front of a mirror and repeat this over and over again “I got this ….I am amazing… I got this…. I am amazing …I got this!” 

Bathroom selfie self talks may be the new “life coach” as you become your own best friend and your own biggest cheerleader.

PLEASE- read this and close your eyes for a minute – oh, not at the same time though! 

Visualize pouring a beautiful, glowing, life giving liquid into cups — your children’s cups, your significant other’s cup, your friend’s.  Now as you pour into your own cup, you realize the cup is full of holes. No matter how much you give and give and give, if the holes are not filled, you will never get the expected results of filling your own cup.

Now, Let me remind you that you have super powers!

With the same power of visualization, you can imagine the holes in that cup filling up and closing off. And then by the power of practicality, you will know how to make it happen.

We can make sure we have a full cup and a substantial well to drink from when we practice self-care.

What is your self-care routine? Do you have one? Have you ever made yourself a priority?  Self care routines may need to be reevaluated daily. We’ve all been reminded lately that things can change overnight!

I highly recommend creating a space just for yourself. Hopefully it can include some earbuds or a way to have a break from the noises of the house and allow you to clear your mental noise. Here are four strategies for self care you can begin using today.

1-Take a moment and remember you are allowed to ask for what you need. If you don’t know what you need, take the time to evaluate your needs first.

2-Put aside the current situation and make a goal list without social distancing restrictions and home confinement. This is a temporary reality that we have to just settle into. Research has shown that making lists is calming and a good strategy when we are anxious. Check out this article from Psychology Today – How Making Lists Can Quell Anxiety and Breed Creativity, and this article from the Guardian – The psychology of the to-do list – why your brain loves ordered tasks.

3-Let go of what you can’t control. Implement systems that help make you feel better. There is a multitude of Internet sources right now that offer coping skills as we face home confinement. Establishing new systems and routines at home will help everyone to feel safer, especially children who are accustomed to a more structured life.

4-  Take the corners of your mouth and let them lift towards your ears…… ( it’s amazing what a smile can do for your internal wellness and for those around you.) Check out The Nine Superpowers of Your Smile, and There’s Magic in Your Smile for details on the positive physiological changes that smiling – even fake smiling – has on your body.

I can’t tell you how to remain energized and hopeful, but I do know it’s necessary for all of us to do some inward work. You can discover what energizes and gives you hope.

Let’s all explore new ways of self-care that we’ve never had time to do before….!

Self care IS NOT SELFish… it’s absolutely essential right now.

Do you have self care tips for others?