Shout–outs to local businesses
Jo Momma’s Kitchen

by Christiane Marshall

Marietta is such a beautiful and charming place. And there are so many wonderful small businesses we don’t want to see close! Jo Momma’s Kitchen is one of these.  Aside from providing a place to eat, they donate their tips to a worthy non-profit each month. The pandemic has affected us all, and we’ve all done the best we could during this time. Here is Jo Momma’s Kitchen’s pandemic story.

Immediately after the lockdown was announced, Jo Momma’s decided to deliver meals to seniors because they were the most vulnerable to COVID19. They mobilized volunteers and donations from generous individuals and businesses poured in.

Sara Sauls, who founded the business in 2014 said there have been many challenges recently. For example, their fryer was broken and they waited over a month for a needed part. Also, shopping has been a big problem. Previously, most of the food was delivered to the business. Now she must shop at 5 or 6 local grocers to get the entire list covered. She said Piggly Wiggly has been very helpful for larger orders. In general, there is a limited variety of products. For example, she often cannot get wraps other than flour tortillas. Gluten-free, fancy spinach or tomato wraps are often not available.

The O’Neil Center has taken over the coordination of the senior meals, including delivery and some of the communication. Jeremiah’s Kitchen is collaborating and has taken half the list! One group of meals gets delivered from 11 to 1:30, and the second gets delivered from 3 to 5. Unfortunately, the O’Neil Center has been unable to cover the Wood County list. The food is prepared at the two restaurants and O’Neil Center coordinates the volunteers who deliver.

The senior meal program is winding down now as businesses are beginning to open. But the heart of Jo Momma’s mission has been open and giving throughout the ups and down of the pandemic. They never stopped doing what they do best – serving this community. A few weeks ago they received a shout out from Governor DeWine for the good work they have continued to do.

At Marietta and Beyond, we’re on a mission to highlight local businesses and bring their stories to you so you can consider shopping, dining or using their services – especially now. The best thing we can do for these businesses is to shop local as we’re able — and if we don’t have extra cash to do so, share shout outs on social media and encourage friends and family to consider shopping local. We can be proactive to help put life and energy back into the local economy!

Aren’t you tired of the same old burger and fries when you’re out and about? Why not dine in somewhere else? Or order out? Check out Jo Momma’s Kitchen or Jeremiah’s? They each have their own unique menus.

If you have a minute, check if your favorite business is listed at Marietta Strong or if their information is correct. Please encourage them to contact us so we can add or correct their information if they aren’t listed yet. When you visit a local shop, let them know you read it here at Marietta and Beyond! Right now we’re offering substantial free advertising as a gift. We want to do our part by using our resources to encourage local businesses.