Fun things teens can do in the Washington County area!

by Hannah McDole


things for teens to do in marietta


The Pottery Place, Grand Central Mall

Making Pottery is sure a way to pass time. It’s fun and great for groups or a solo project. The Pottery place is open at the usual mall hours. It is very nice and everyone walks away with a great project. Be sure to check out their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page!   Or call them  at (304)-422-8777.


Marietta Roller Rink, Marietta

The Marietta Roller Rink is a fun, perfect way to spend the weekend. The Marietta roller rink has been a favorite of teens for years. These reviews are worth reading to see what people are saying. It’s been rated a 4.5 out of 5 on Google reviews, and a 4.4 out of 5 on their Facebook page.  People have been going to the rink for years and it has become a family tradition with many! People are calling it a “Great safe place” and “Fun and Entertaining” So it’s worth checking out!


Veto lake, Vincent

According to local teens, Veto Lake is a fun and exciting place to go canoeing, fishing and swimming. Fishing is the most popular at Veto Lake. Those who want to fish should be sure to get their fishing license.  Here is good information if you need it.  It’s a great place to hang out and have fun. Since it is a lake, it is open year-round. For those not interested in fishing, there are hiking trails. In warmer weather, the gorgeous view of the lake makes it a great picnic spot. During the summer and fall, the lake also has an archery range that is great for practice. During the winter, Veto lake isn’t as busy, but still worth a visit. Many people come and enjoy what Veto lake has to offer, and the lake welcomes new visitors. Those curious to learn more can check out the  Veto Lake Facebook page.


J&J Paintball park, Marietta

Paintball is a great way to come together. This strategy game is fun for all ages. There are several different parks for each skill level, so the experience is not needed. There is also a shop where players can buy, sell or repair their Paintball guns. Be sure to call ahead to use this park. For more information check out the park’s Facebook page.

 Call them at: (740) 374-3719