POSTERS OF THE WEEK! (Week of _____)

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IMG_6057Farmer’s Market, description here if needed. In this case, the info is all on the poster. But if you were selling an item, you could post the photo and then add a description here.



This one is also self-explanatory, but you could add a headline like – NEED BUSINESS ADVICE? And a short description since the writing is small and will require your reader to expand it. So give the reader a reason to look closer.


You could post a brochure or a business card. This one could be opened up.


You could simply write your message on a whiteboard.


Make Math Easy for your Child! Buy This Abacus for $___! Call me at CCC-CCC-CCCC. This won’t last long at this price!

Of course the abacus is not for sale! I use it daily to teach kids in China online. (It’s true!)  But you get the idea!

Happy posting! Christiane