iStock_000073194929_IllustrationHappy 2016Everyone’s saying “Happy New Year” today. Is it the thing to say, or do we mean it? Sometimes we do just repeat the words without thinking!

Personally I’m going to try to be more conscious when I say it. Here’s what I think might help. Instead of saying “Happy New Year” why don’t we change it up a bit? I’ll make some suggestions at the bottom of this post!

When I say that we at Marietta and Beyond wish you a blessed, healthy and prosperous New Year, it’s a sincere wish and prayer for everyone reading this.

And please tell me if there is anything we can do to help bless your 2016!

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Let Your Heart Connect With Your Words

Here are the promised suggestions for new ways to say “Happy New Year” so our brains connect with the meaning of our words!

I’d love to  hear more ideas so please share!

  • Happy 2016!
  • I wish you a special blessing for 2016 (or the New Year)!
  • May your New Year be awesome!
  • An awesome 2016 to you!
  • May God bless your New Year!
  • A multitude of blessings for 2016 to you!

Remember, anything we repeat over and over, year after year, can end up becoming a meaningless sound if our souls forget to connect to our words! So, whatever you say, make sure your spirit sings along!