FREE Health Event Marietta Ohio October 9 2022, Noon to 5 pm

FREE EVENT SPONSORED BY POWER at the POINT: You’re invited to explore an alternative healing therapy that can be done at home. It can be exclusive or in conjunction with traditional therapies. Local healthcare practitioners are also invited to come and hear Anna Maria Alano speak of and demonstrate aspects of this comprehensive way to heal. There is a seating limit, so please be sure to register. It is free, but donations are appreciated. Anna is coming from San Diego. The event  will be held on Sunday October 9 from noon to 5. In the intimate dining room at the Betsey Mills, we will learn together. The four sessions will be interactive and you will be able to sample foods and fresh juices.


The history of the Gerson therapy is fascinating. In a nutshell, during the early 20th century, Dr. Max Gerson first researched and experimented with food to stop his migraines. It was so successful that he recommended it to his patients. The patients had success eliminating migraines, but also began to heal from other physical ailments, even cancer.  Dr. Gerson began to work with cancer patients, tweaking the therapy as he researched its effects. When I had my cancer scare, I joined a very active and supportive facebook group of thousands of people doing this therapy and having success.

Anna Maria Aliano is a certified Gerson Therapy Health Coach, Gerson Chef, trainer and Gerson Clinic Coordinator. She teaches Gerson cooking classes, plans and coordinates Gerson retreats, and helps patients transition in beginning the Gerson Therapy at home. She states in her bio, “Studying and learning about Dr. Gerson’s work the past 12 years has convinced me more than ever that a healthy diet and detoxification plays a big role in keeping us healthy and free of most diseases. When we change our diets, we change our entire physiology and the body heals.”

I first became interested in the Gerson Therapy a few years ago after seeing one of the documentaries. (These are listed on this page.) Then, when I had a cancer scare, I dove right in. It turned out not to be cancer, but the experience made me realize how important it is to share this information so that people in the community know they have options. So, as part of the ongoing Try This First series, I’ve invited Anna Maria Aliano to come and help us all learn more. Because the Power at the Point is sponsoring the event, we are able to offer it free.

Usually, people must fly out to San Diego and pay for this information and it is rare to be able to have an experienced Gerson person come and speak! If you have any interest at all or know someone who does, this is a rare ocurrence!

Try This First events feature educational presentations and hands on demonstrations to help us learn ways to support our health. Often, lifestyle changes and science based non-drug therapies enhance healing, complement drug therapies, and cause spontaneous healing. The Gerson Therapy can be done at home and often causes healing from cancer and lifestyle diseases such as arthritis, type II diabetes and even helps with weight loss. (On my five month Gerson journey, I “accidentally” lost 60 lbs.)

One feature of each presentation has been a free plant-based meal. A more simple meal will be served at this session and attendees will also be able to sample Gerson recipes. If anyone would like to help with the cooking, please contact me. We will be making one soup, sandwiches and salad.

In this presentation, attendees will learn the basic components of the Gerson therapy and will be given resources such as handouts, recipes, and contact information for health care practitioners and chefs who can help guide them through the therapy. However, many have used the therapy on their own using the Gerson books and by joining the very active and helpful Gerson Therapy Support group on facebook. Professional health care providers are welcome to attend, and will be given resources and contact information for MDs who can answer medical questions about the therapy.

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This session will be interactive. Join us and REGISTER SOONas the seating is limited! At the moment, 

Send DONATIONS: Marshall said “If you believe in the mission of this event, please help by sending donations, or offering meal prep, set up or clean up help. Also, any organic farmers who wish to donate produce, contact me for details by email – [email protected], or text (740-350-8967). Your farm or business will be featured in handouts. If interested in donating toward this event, please message me either at [email protected] or on the Marietta and Beyond Facebook page, or if we’re facebook friends, DM me. I will tell you where to send the donation.

Event is sponsored by the Power at the Point.

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Christiane Marshall is the publisher and editor of Marietta and Beyond magazine, and sometimes works as an in-house personal chef – The Healing Chef. Helping others improve their health has been her personal mission for many years.