Gerson therapy comes to Marietta OH

Unlease your body’s power to heal when you try something natural first! Learn one way this Sunday October 9! FREE. REGISTER NOW. Seating is limited!

Try This First is a reference to trying something natural, non pharmaceutical and non-invasive first before going the traditional medical route. It’s about honoring our body temple by giving our body what it needs to heal.

The Gerson therapy began in the early 1900’s and has an interesting history. Dr. Max Gerson was only trying to stop his migraines when he researched healing by altering his diet – and he was successful. To his delight and surprise, soon his migraine patients were also healing of other diseases, including cancer.

Then he began to research this with patients who had been given up to die, and he had a lot of success. The Gerson therapy is very specific and not easy to do. It took many years for cancer or chronic disease to take hold in our bodies, so it can’t be ignored. Gerson therapy targets your own immune system by nourishing your body and detoxing it on a daily basis. It does no damage to the body.

The sessions on Sunday cover all aspects of the Gerson therapy. Normally people have to fly to San Diego and pay for these classes. Because Power at the Point is sponsoring this, we’re able to offer it free. A simple meal will be served. You’ll be able to sample the Gerson foods and juices and get your questions answered. We will have door prizes as well!

Long ago I made the decision to never do chemo or radiation, so I researched alternatives. I had seen too many people suffer from the permanent damage caused by these treatments. I tried the Gerson therapy for five months when I thought I might have cancer. It took that long to determine that the lump was benign, or I wonder if maybe the lump shrunk and changed because of what I was doing. It took so long before the biopsy. I’ll never know. But I also lost 55 lbs during the process without realizing it. One thing I learned is that it is not easy to do alone, without a helper. I’m determined to create a Gerson friendly community here, including a food coop, possibly a juicer rental to help people get started, and help from local farmers and local nature food stores to carry some of the items a Gerson patient may need. The more people and businesses know about it and how to support someone on the Gerson therapy, the better! The handouts will include where items can be ordered and which items can also be purchased locally.

This is a very rare event, so don’t miss out. There is limited seating so be sure to register. Hope to see you this Sunday at noon at the Betsey Mills Club in Marietta Ohio