Try Native Advertising

Reach Your Local Customer Faster

What if there was a way to target your marketing to your exact perfect customer? And what if I told you that it is not just affordable, but will also create brand loyalty on the local level?

Native Advertising reaches your customer quickly and is gaining in popularity – because it is effective. What other form of advertising has the potential for content to go viral?

The flashy commercial, cutsie song, billboard, ad and coupons all have their place.
But native advertising is more personal and helps to draw your customers to you based on a stronger tie – the social connection.

As a result it is more lasting and creates brand loyalty much faster.
The internet has leveled the playing field. Even those with a small budget can take advantage of this advertising tool.

In the past, a business had to have a large budget to create a print newsletter, buy a list and mail it out.

That is no longer the case as we don’t have to depend on print advertising.
(We can help you with a print newsletter if that’s what you prefer and you have the budget for it. Print newsletters do even better today since many businesses have abandoned it.)

Maybe You’ll Go Viral!

Consider doing the same on the internet. Here are some ways of accomplishing this:

Create a website or use our established platform that is already reaching the local community — or establish an e-newsletter or both.

Then create a social media presence on one or more platforms where your market spends time.

Try to create content that has the potential to go viral.

Take Buzzfeed for example. They are charging approximately $92,300 per native ad campaign (Benjy Boxer at Forbes, quoting recently released public numbers from Buzzfeed)!

We don’t have as large of an audience as Buzzfeed so we aren’t charging those kinds of numbers. I’m mentioning it to put it into context: Big businesses have confidence in native advertising.

We want to do it in a much more targeted market – our local area. And it may be something that does even better in a local context.

Use your social media platform to connect, answer your customers’ questions, post links to your articles and sales pages. We can teach you or an employee how to do this in 20 minutes a day, or you can contract with us to do it for you.

Consider getting in now. We are just getting started and our prices are LOW. We are gaining a larger and larger audience and will soon be able to charge more.

Here is how it works