Are you an entrepreneur at heart? A local event you don’t want to miss – MOVEE (Entrepreneurship Expo) – will feature workshops and networking for entrepreneurs. You may be surprised like I was, to learn that an entrepreneur is not necessarily someone who starts a business!

You maybe an entrepreneur if you are:

  • a person who wants to find solutions to big or small problems
  • a person who tries to find a better way to do something
  • a person who thinks out of the box
  • You have the courage to be different, to do differently
  • Someone trying to start a for-profit business
  • Someone trying to start a non-profit business

So entrepreneurship is a way of thinking, a mindset.

Marietta and Beyond has been in the small business incubator here in Marietta for almost two years now. I am amazed at the happenings here, and all of the good rippling out into the community because of four amazing women. Four amazing entrepreneurs, each with their own entrepreneurial path that intertwines with each other — weaving what the Epicenter is now – a beautiful, helpful and nurturing place for entrepreneurs.

The way this all came together is through a fascinating series of serendipitous happenings in each of their paths.

So, at  MOVEE, you will get to hear what the Epicenter can do for you or your children!

Don’t Miss Updates and More Info

Bookmark this page because over the next few weeks, I’ll be featuring some of the presenters. You’ll want to know! It is only one day, and it is a way to tap into the local superstars. Have you paid a few hundred dollars to go hear gurus out there in the big world? How about $25 right here in town. The big world out there doesn’t have exclusive dibs on intelligent, creative talent. We have our own right here, don’t we?!

As I write the articles/features, I will post them below with a URL. I will also post on facebook. We are going to try and get the newsletter out too, but no promises. If you’re interested, go ahead and subscribe.

Plan to be at MOVEE! Come and be inspired!

Why wait when you can register right now! $25 is a steal, don’t you think?

~ Christiane