amazing-scientific-natural-phenomenon-total-solar-eclipse-glowing-on-picture-id824611228We’re headed to Kentucky to get as close to the totality of the solar eclipse as we possibly can.

Looking forward to sharing the one pair of glasses to see it and to watch the moon shadow glide across the ground, bringing darkness to midday.

I wanted to create a post with a few links to relevant information for anyone deciding to look up at the last minute.

First, don’t look at the eclipse if you don’t have the right type of protection. It is too late to buy any now. Most places were sold out weeks ago. But there are some other ways to observe the eclipse safely.

When we were kids, we knew people who went blind by ignoring the warnings. Please don’t let that happen to you or your loved ones. Friends don’t let friends look up unprotected!

Here is an opportunity to get in touch with nature, to see something rare.

Experience the eclipse. Be outside, but don’t injure your vision. You’ll be able to watch videos of it later, taken by professionals who know how to film it.

 Don’t look at it in a reflection in water. This article says it’s okay, but others say no.  Your VISION IS IMPORTANT. Don’t take any chances. Article has other suggestions that may be useful.

DON’T Take Photographs of it. It will damage your camera or phone!

This is so Cool

Put your zipcode in and it will show you what you can see where you are.

Look Down if you Can’t Look up Safely! See moon shadow!

Go outside. Watch the moon’s shadow cover the ground and feel the midday darkness fall around you!

Make a Pinhole Viewer

Newsweek Article with instructions.

NASA Instructions and warnings for safe viewing

Make Your Own Glasses including list of material to stay away from

Unless you have some NASA approved solar filter material available, this is too late. But posting it here just in case.



Questions and Answers

More questions

Let us know how you experienced the eclipse!