Since 1980, many individuals in Athens have been helped by the Athens Foundation. Maggie tells us how 8 caring women came together with less than $300 to create an organization that has been paying it forward ever since!

Learning to love oneself unconditionally and practicing it throughout our daily lives is the beginning of building a strong unified community. The next phase is paying the love forward and teaching generations to come about acceptance and real authentic love.

The Athens Foundation is a key organization in the shaping the Athens County community.

Glenda3platesFrom Small Beginnings to Great Rewards

In 1980 8 Athens women came together to make a difference in their community. Each woman gave $50 dollars to launch a foundation that aimed at increasing the quality of life for all citizens of Athens County.

The Athens Foundation was born and since then has grown into an organization with over $3 million dollars at its disposal to help 100+ Athens area groups. Their community philanthropy includes building endowments, awarding grants, and providing leadership on key community issues now and for generations to come.

Let’s Get Involved

The Athens Foundation is led by a board of 16 local volunteers that share the foundations vision. The organization is able to continue shaping and building Athens County through generous donations and dedicated individuals.

All donations are tax deductible and can be disbursed throughout any or all of the 20 different funds that address several but not limited to causes such as mental health, education, animal welfare, and the environment.

The Athens Foundation also supports future generations through their leadership program. Leadership Athens County is a nine month course that takes place from September to May. The program is geared toward developing a generation of informed citizens to provide dynamic community leadership. To donate or participate in Leadership Athens County visit the Athens Foundation website.

Athens Foundation Demonstrates Unconditional Love

Unconditional love and acceptance empowers individuals and nourishes communities. The Athens Foundation understands these concepts and is actively working towards creating a stronger, healthier, more informed people. Fortunately, it isn’t just individuals who can live out unconditional love.

A group can have an impact on a larger part of a community!

Have you volunteered or been helped by the Athens Foundation? We’d love to hear about it!