Cat Winning at Monopoly by business plans 2013

Cat Winning at Monopoly by business plans 2013

I have enjoyed these past few weeks sharing some of the knowledge that I have about pets with you. And I can’t wait to share so much more about things that I encounter, learn and see. But for this post I would like to take the time to possibly help you understand not only how deep my passion for animals goes but also the reason I chose to start a business that caters to pets and their humans. I also would like to share a little more about myself and what I do.

My name is Audrey Lohrey. I started and own Audie’s Angels, a pet daycare and sitting business about a year ago that covers the mid-Ohio Valley area.

I lived in Woodsfield, a small town in the middle of nowhere a little over an hour from Marietta. I grew up on a farm and this is where my love for animals began. We always had many different types of animals on the farm at one point or another, and in the many years that followed, I have enjoyed being able to take care of a large variety of pets. I have always loved being able to give an animal what it needs and wants and being met with unconditional love and trust by them. Building a relationship with each individual pet is very important to understanding an animal and why they do what they do. We all know the can be a little weird sometimes!

This is what has driven me to pursue my dream of owning and operating a pet care and sitting business.  I have no requirements for type or species of animal, which means whether you need care for a snake or lizard, nails clipped on a dog, help with aquarium maintenance, or any other pet care need I am here to help!

I currently have a part time job at our local pet store We Lov Pets as a supervisor. I have worked with this amazing management and staff for around 4 years now. They are a very loving and caring group that have taken the time to train me and all their employees to be able to help meet our pets needs more effectively. I am inspired by being able to provide not only a loving, and fun atmosphere for your animal, but understanding of your pet’s behaviors and the knowledge to help in any situation.

As my business is new and I am learning and growing every day, some things may change with time but as for now I am available to do in home pet care, meaning I come to your house to do things like nail clippings, wing clippings for my avian friends, and baths for our stinky ones. I like being able to provide care that is best for our pets health. Reasons such as, anxiety, animal aggression, fear, cold weather and so many more can mean that traveling or being in a new place can scare our babies. Their home is what they know best, being relaxed and having the security of home helps in many situations. I also do in-home sitting for those that like having someone in their home while they are away and depending on your pet’s size and requirements, I do some pet sitting in my home as well.

"Herd dog" by Anita Peppers, copyright 2013

“Herd dog” by Anita Peppers, copyright 2013

Some call me an animal whisperer, some think it’s luck but, I know I just have a connection to each and every beautiful creature.  Thank you for taking the time to listen to my little journey, I always love meeting new furbabies and their humans so please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or sitting needs! I hope everyone has a blessed 2015!