Visiting the society…

Today I went to the Parkersburg Humane Society. I had a blast looking at all the cute animals and learning all about the humane society. I spoke with Katie Kelly, the executive director, and shelter manager. She said she was relatively new to the job. She worked as a Suddenlink employee for 28 years before accepting the job she has now. Katie loves animals and thought she would be a great fit for the job.

Do you want to volunteer? I know I do! I asked Katie all about it and she told me there are several things you could do as a volunteer. You can be a Dog or cat handler and work in transport. Did you know you can also foster animals? That’s right! They foster out Puppies, Kittens and Hospice animals too. Of course, if you’re not wanting to foster or volunteer, there is always adoption!

How do I sign up?

Great question! You simply go to their website and apply. You also must sit in on one class they have there. Simple as that! Right now they have over 100 active volunteers. But they always need more! They take in any domesticated animal, so you never know what you might run into. I asked Katie and she told me they get the usual cats and dogs but even have gotten llamas and pigs.

“We get to know our animals and do our best to place them”-Katie Kelly

Donations anyone?

Since they are a non-profit,they do take and need donations. They accept food, toys, blankets, towels, cleaning supplies, mop head, and buckets. So please be sure to donate! If you’re thinking about adopting, you can go to the shelter and pick up an application or fill one out online. Once you’ve found your best fur pal, they will want to make sure you’ve filled out your application and that they get along well with your family. Then you’re set. If you haven’t found a fur pal, no worries. They will keep your file for six months.

Fundraiser coming your way!

Katie did not shy away from telling me about their upcoming Walk Your Paws event! It’s going to be June 1st, at the Parkersburg City Park from 8 a.m-12:30. The River City Runners will be there supporting our favorite animals, and giving out awards. It’ll be a blast and they hope to see you there! For more information be sure to call for details.

(304) 422-5541.

Thank you so much for talking with me Katie and for letting me hang out with your furry pals for a little while. I had a blast!