Family 101

As American Family day is approaching, I thought what better way than to give a spotlight to the families in our community. Coming from a big family, I always got questions about how we did things, how we got around. I always wondered what it was like to have a smaller family, a bigger family or even to be an only child. So, I met and spoke to people about their families. And now, I will shed light on some of the families in our community.

To start with, I thought we would talk about a Middle-sized family. I spoke to Gabby Massey, 14, of Parkersburg. Gabby told me she had 2 siblings, Holly West (Formerly Massey), and Olivia Massey. She explained to me she wasn’t much different than anyone else. I asked her about her hobbies and interests and Gabby mentioned that she was homeschooled, and she has several hobbies including cleaning and crafts. She expressed her love for Animals and children. As far as the pros and cons of her family. Gabby explained she didn’t really have any. Her family likes to spend time together and frequently has cookouts. When I asked Gabby how she would describe her family, she said “loving, kind, always there for you.”

“Loving, kind, always there for you”-Gabby Massey

Next, I spoke with Hannah Dearth, 15, of Saint Mary’s. Hannah told me she was an only child. Hannah enjoys hanging out with her friends and family. She also loves to play volleyball and softball. Hannah mentioned that being an only child is somewhat fun. You get all the attention you want and there is no competition between siblings. Her favorite family memory is going to the great lakes with her parents.

Hannah explained there are many pros and cons to being an only child. On the plus side, you get most of what you want. On the downside, you don’t get to grow up with siblings, so you don’t know what “sibling fighting”  feels like and you don’t have that “forever friend.” Hannah told me the first word that comes to mind when she thinks of her family is “loving.” She mentioned that her family always has her back. Even though it does get crazy sometimes, she knows that she can always count on them. Hannah’s ideal family size is about 4 or 5.

“Loving”- Hannah Dearth

Lastly, I spoke with Ben Kaminski, 15, of Vienna. Ben has had several medical problems growing up. He explained to me he was born with spina bifida. He had surgery at only ten days old. Since then, he explained he has been in and out of the hospital with even more problems — including a heart murmur, kira malformation, and kidney issues. Speeding ahead, Ben mentioned the last three or five years have been much better health-wise. He enjoys spending time in the community, –helping at The Smoot Theater, or helping with soccer and football at church.

Ben also enjoys sports and walks roughly 6 or 7 miles a day. He is homeschooled. Ben has five siblings — three sisters, and two brothers. Two of his sisters — Sayla and Mariah — were adopted from China. He explained to me his best sibling memory is when his family went to Disneyworld. When I asked him about the pros and cons of his family size, he explained that he has some older siblings that drive so that’s super helpful; and a con would be there are always people everywhere, so sometimes it’s hard to find a quiet spot.

Ben does not share a bedroom because of his asthma, but has in the past.  When I asked, he told me the words he would use to describe his family would be “kind” and “goofy.” For fun, his family likes to go see movies and concerts. Ben explained Church is very important to his family as his Dad is one of the pastors at their church. He mentioned that as a pastor’s kid, Ben has to go in early and make coffee for the people coming. He usually makes over 800 cups of coffee. Ben gets along great with his family. There are a few times they bicker, but what family doesn’t?

“goofy and kind”-Ben Kaminski

What size family did you grow up in? What are your best family memories? 

Note to those interviewed: Thank you all for speaking to me today, I enjoyed listening to your stories and I hope you did too!