cup-623386_1280When you type into your search engine, “Athens Ohio Best Coffee,” Donkey Coffee and Espresso is at the top of the list. This outstanding reputation is undoubtedly deserved as Donkey is more than a coffee shop — they are an active participant in building a better Athens. The only thing they take more seriously than their coffee is their community.

A Place Where You Belong

Donkey Coffee and Espresso is a quaint shop nestled into 17 West Washington Street in uptown Athens, Ohio. Donkey has won many awards including Best Coffee Shop in Ohio by Ohio Magazine and The Athens News – Best of Athens, Best Coffee House for over 10 years now. The shop is filled with comfy couches, little tables and beautiful local artwork. Proud supporter of fair business practices, Donkey exclusively sells Fair Trade coffee. In addition, they also offer Snowville Creamery products to encourage local commerce. This little cup of heaven is a popular gathering spot for Athens residents and Ohio University students.

“Caffeine with a Conscience”coffee-620388_1280

Donkey takes pride in giving exceptional hospitality to all their customers, and they celebrate local music and art throughout their entire shop. It is easy to say that Donkey is genuinely invested in social justice and the arts by their outstanding reputation and experiencing their personable service firsthand. However, they go one step further through their involvement with over a dozen local organizations. Through public awareness, service and financial giving, Donkey has supported The Dairy Barn Arts Center, United Campus Ministries, Habitat for Humanity-Athens, The Athens Film Festival and many more.

Let’s Get Involved

Stopping in for a cup of this spectacular coffee is one great way to get involved with Donkey Coffee and Espresso. They also serve teas, lemonades and local treats if you’re not a coffee drinker. Donkey also offers a variety of games to play or books to read in a cozy spot surrounded by original Athens artwork. On the other hand, if you want to witness some of Athens’ local talent while enjoying a great cup of joe, stop in on a Tuesday or Thursday night for open stage. Every Tuesday at 9 p.m. Donkey opens the floor for poetry, prose and spoken word. This weekly event gathers many writers and literary enthusiasts for engaging, open and peaceful discussion. Thursday evenings starting at 8 p.m. is Donkey musicians’ open stage. This regular event has been voted “best open stage in town” and fills to capacity every week. So you’ll want to arrive early if you want a seat for the show.

In conclusion, the arrival of spring for Donkey Coffee and Espresso means sunny patio weather with a refreshing Arnold Palmer (black sweet tea and lemonade) or Citrus Palmer (citrus green tea and lemonade) made with Organic Santa Cruz Lemonade sweating in your hand after a hard day of service. Donkey Coffee and Espresso is far more than an establishment of coffee, it is a connoisseur of community commitment for a better tomorrow. Check out their website for more information: