hot chocolate snowman

Get some hot chocolate on the courthouse square!

All done shopping? If you’ve been so busy shopping that you’ve missed taking the time to do some more fun holiday activities, it’s still not too late! See below for a couple of suggestions!

As a child in Quebec, Canada, we always had a white Christmas. I can remember the sun reflecting off the snow or snowflakes falling against lights at night, or looking up and “eating” snowflakes. And there was sledding, skating and hot chocolate. Living in Connecticut was almost the same, though the snow wasn’t quite as deep!  And well, Southeast Ohio has been full of surprises too!

A couple of my grown children and grandbabies live in warm areas of the world — Tucson, Arizona, and Okinawa. The grandbabies have never seen snow. Beautiful light displays make up for the missing snow. Creatively lit up cactus gardens, walkways and palm trees to a backdrop of majestic mountains add to the exotic feel in Tucson. (I haven’t seen Christmas in Okinawa yet, but I’m sure the military families make it beautiful.)

It still feels like Christmas, even in the desert, despite the popular song “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.” How about I’m dreaming of a fabulous Christmas, complete with random acts of kindness, soul searching and music?

So enjoy the warmth and take a walk downtown Cambridge, Ohio, or Roscoe Village in Coshocton — both just a little bit north of Marietta following I-77. The actual Christmas activities at Roscoe Village are finished, but it’s still a nice place to walk and visit the retail businesses in the historical village area. You might even find a unique stocking stuffer. See below for more information about Roscoe Village.

Of course a nice walk along the river in Marietta or downtown is always a pleasant thing to do! But if you want something different, go just a wee bit north!

Cambridge, Ohio Christmas Displays

I just heard about the fabulous display on the Cambridge Courthouse!

Cambridge OH 1I recently drove through Cambridge and took photographs of the unique Christmas figures dotting their streets. When I first saw them I thought they were real people dressed in 19th century garb. But their stillness gave them away!

Cambridge OH 2 Why not take a walk through Cambridge just before nightfall, then go over to the 19th century Guernsey County courthouse to watch the first musical light show of the evening which begins at 5:30 p.m. Each show is eight to 12 minutes long and the last one begins at 9:00 p.m. Every night until Jan. 1, 2016!

You can get your hot chocolate on the Peddler’s Shop on the courthouse square during the shows.

Top of the hour: children’s Christmas favorites
15 minutes past the hour: traditional Christmas favorites
30 minutes past the hour: contemporary Christmas music featuring local saxophonist Gordon Hough
45 minutes past the hour: modern Christmas music from the crowd-pleasing 2008 show debut

Here’s a YouTube video of the light show, but I’m sure being there in person is so much better, especially this year, because the temperature is so mild!

Roscoe Village

IMG_7095 Roscoe Village Sign

Roscoe Village is a pleasant place to go any time of the year. Their actual Christmas activities are done for the year, but why not take a walk back in time and enjoy the 1830 restored canal town during the holiday season?

First visit their website to decide what you’d like to look for!

Marietta Ohio Downtown

And, if you aren’t done with your shopping yet, why not take a stroll downtown Marietta and buy some last minute gifts right here? Always good to support local businesses!

What special things are you doing in the community? We’d love to hear about them!