"Budding Artist" by Jade copyright 2013

“Budding Artist” by Jade copyright 2013

Find Your Joy!

It’s so important to take the time to identify talents and desires. Once known we can begin to feed them and focus our energy into becoming the best individuals we’re destined to be. We have plenty of mundane routines guided by clocks and money already!

It’s not difficult to find experiences that lift spirits and push us to a stronger, healthier, and happier existence in the Athens area!

Finding Your Joy in Athens!

Every week, musicians, painters, photographers, sculptors, writers, and actors display their masterpieces throughout the city and surrounding area.

ARTS/West nurtures local talent. It’s located at 132 West State Street in Athens, Ohio. This former church building was renovated in 2005 with the help from several local organizations including O’Bleness Foundation, Hocking Valley Bank, and The Ohio Arts Council.

The purpose has always been to encourage economic growth, educational excellence, and cultural enrichment for all Ohioans. ARTS/West provides facilities, resources, and opportunities for art organizations, individual artists, and community residents alike. They promote a community focus that preserves the beauty, heritage, and the culture of Athens.

ARTS/West has weekly events, classes, and workshops that are open to anyone and funded by donations. Memberships are available for donation as well and include perks such as free admission to events, invitations to private events, discounted classes or workshops, and access to venue space rental throughout the building.

Examples of activities include yoga, improv, vocal lessons, belly dancing, and various support groups. The venue also hosts speakers, musicians, and other known artists. People of all ages, races, genders, and types are welcome and accepted at ARTS/West.

Fun with Improv

This week I paid a visit to this wonderful establishment after I had heard about a drop in improv class from a friend. I’ve loved improv since high school, but like many of us do, I left it behind for a mundane routine of responsibilities.

I live nearby and I had seen a concert at ARTS/West a few months ago so I grabbed a friend and we went. It was a two-hour session of interactive games between the eight of us. I am so happy to rekindle this passion! It was rejuvenating to tap into that personal expression, and it’s now a new goal to work it into my schedule on a regular basis.

Don’t Let Routines Rob Your Self Expression!

Sometimes the responsibilities of life take away from our passions. Then when we get back into them we may think of it like we do work — as strengths and weaknesses. Try to play and experience joy as you did as a child instead!

Places like ARTS/West encourage and facilitate self expression all over the country. Reach outside of your regular routine. Explore to find your best joy, then just dive right in with lazer-focused fun!

Where do you go in Athens to find self expression?


132 W. State St, Athens,

OH 45701 (740) 592-4315