BEDFORD, OH - JULY 25, 2015: With many old buildings over a century old, this southeastern Cleveland suburb retains a small-town America look and atmosphere.

BEDFORD, OH – JULY 25, 2015: With many old buildings over a century old, this southeastern Cleveland suburb retains a small-town America look and atmosphere.

Whether or not spring is in the air in your neck of the woods, the spring holidays of Easter, Ostara, the Spring Equinox, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and a host of other seasonal holidays are right around the corner. And just like the time before the winter holidays, there is the potential for an increase in business coming to your direction. If you want your business to take advantage of the springtime renewal, here are a few ways that you can make sure your business is front and center in your community’s mind.

meals-1017732_1280Idea # 1: Host a Community Meal

Need truly knows no season, and helping the disadvantaged in your community is not only a great thing to do, but it’s always a fantastic way to make sure people know that you care about the community and the people in it. Gather your employees together, and talk with a local food pantry, soup kitchen or church and see if you can set up and host a community meal for those who are less fortunate than you. Of course, while you’re passing the cauliflower and cheese, you can talk with those around you and see how your business can help them further. After all, you never know where and when connections can be made!

Idea # 2: Host an Egg-Cellent Scavenger Hunt at Your Store

Let’s face it, hunting for Easter Eggs is very similar to a scavenger hunt, isn’t it? Why not allow your customers to join in the fun at your shop? Obtain some of the plastic eggs that are for sale all over the place now, and fill them with various “treats” such as discount coupons, small little trinkets, candy, etc. and hide them around your store. Then invite your customers to find the eggs, and bring them up to the counter when they make a purchase.

easter-1207419_1280Idea # 3: Reach Out with a Holiday Card

Instead of sending out an email to all your customers wishing them a festive holiday, why not send an actual card through the mail? It’s more likely to get noticed, and you can also include a small coupon as a thank you for doing business with us gift. One shop I worked at decided to send out Happy Easter cards to their customers and included a 30{5b6c00ae8a31f44c65b344f315968efbd322bfc6ea45e4e8cca9716c4473fad8} coupon that was good for their entire purchase at the store if they brought a friend. The “friend” then got 10{5b6c00ae8a31f44c65b344f315968efbd322bfc6ea45e4e8cca9716c4473fad8} off her purchase as well. It was a month-long event and was a huge success. Not only did they improve their relationship with their current customers, but they also increased their regular customer list by one-quarter!

brush-15931_1280Idea # 4: Give Your Website a Spring Cleaning Update

Your website is your shop window onto the world. You change what people can see through the windows when they pass your brick and mortar store, why not do the same thing on your website? Do simple things like change the color scheme to something a bit brighter, a bit more spring-like. Make your icons a bit bigger, and easier to see. Update information on upcoming sales and events — like the “egg hunt” at the shop!

Idea # 5: Promote What You Do Best

While it’s almost impossible to beat the big-box stores on price, you can definitely win when it comes to customer service. During this time of year — or any time of year actually — focus on providing the little things that your client wants, but doesn’t know how to ask for. Offer to gift wrap their gifts to put in the baskets. Allow for a no-hassle return policy. Greet everyone with a genuine smile. Help them find what they need, even if you don’t actually provide it. By focusing on your customer instead of the bottom line, you’ll come out on top.

What other ideas for marketing your business during the spring holidays can you think of? Share them below!