How cool to meet a giraffe face to face on his own turf!

How cool to meet a giraffe face to face on his own turf!

Who knew that an exotic luxury vacation site exists in  Southeast Ohio? And includes rhinos, African dogs, cheetahs, giraffes, a safari tour and sunset dinner for two?

There’s no walking down a carpeted hall past rows and rows of closed doors, the sound of television sets bleeding through, now and then — to get to your private space. This is a camping experience. Some might question whether this is really camping or not, so they’ve coined the term “glamping” — a combination of the words “camping” and “glamour.”

Nomad Ridge

For the former backpacker, baby boomer suffering from chronic pain, this experience will bring back the joys of camping. Sit on the deck at sunset by the fire ring in comfort, with support for the back. Sleep in a comfortable bed at night listening to frogs, crickets, Père David’s deer, owls and unidentifiable, mysterious sounds. Walk to the toilet only three feet away in the yurt. Equipped with running water, sink and shower, outdoor pathways illuminated by soft lights on the ground, no babies screaming in the night or children shouting “I don’t want to go to bed!” — adult-only glamping beats camping hands down!

Need something in the middle of the night? Concierge service is available 24/7.

It’s difficult to put into words how the absence of traffic sounds affects the psyche. A quiet ceiling fan does the job of a noisy air conditioner quite well. One 24-hour period at Nomad Ridge may well be the best antidote for battling stress that exists in Ohio. It may even rival the effects of the relaxing sounds of the surf in coastal areas.

The peaceful views from the yurt are worth capturing on film and holding in memory. Père David deer play in the water just below the glamping area. Two trumpeter swans glide on the periphery of the scene, trumpeting as they go. Safari tours in the distance continue throughout the day, stopping so participants can snap pictures of rhinos and giraffes and other non-Ohio wildlife. In the trees around the yurts, chipmunks, squirrels and native birds chatter, scamper, play and sing.

Glampers reluctantly leave their peaceful spaces for about two hours to take part in a safari tour which is part of the package. Nomad Ridge guests can choose any time for their safari tour. The tour is well worth the time as visitors are always rewarded by close ups of animals not usually seen in this part of the country unless they are behind bars in a zoo.

Nothing beats the experience of a giraffe peering in through the open window of a bus just above your head! Hello there, giraffe!

The Wilds Conservation Center

The Wilds is a conservation center working with scientists throughout the world, studying and breeding endangered animals and habitats. In recent years, new projects have sprung up including a butterfly habitat and a carnivore center. Money spent at The Wilds helps further this work. Here’s why you should visit The Wilds and at least take the safari tour!

It’s hardly fathomable that 10,000 acres of strip-mined land could be transformed in a few short years into not only a conservation study center, but also a romantic Ohio getaway tucked in a cozy corner of the infamous coal-mined space in Cumberland, Ohio.

Consider spending the $325 for one night in a Woodland Yurt, or $425 for a night in the Grand Yurt sometime between May and October. It would make a great gift for parents needing a night away, grandparents, a pastor and his wife (or her husband), anyone super stressed out or simply in need of a little relaxation.

Visit The Wilds Nomad Ridge information page for details. Why not eliminate the stresses of flying to your vacation this year?