Spring is so close, and we are ready to be sprung from winter’s clutches!

Here are a few ways to March into spring!

Spring Flowers  (image: freestockphotos.biz)

Spring Flowers
(image: freestockphotos.biz


  • Open those windows and take a big gulp of fresh air — it might get a little chilly, but it will be great!
  • Take a nature walk — alone or with kids. Notice the ground thawing and new shoots appearing! Look for new flowers on the trees. Collect a few rocks and paint flowers on them.
  • Head to your local zoo and see how the animals are reacting to the warmer weather.
  • Take an outdoor photography class or an indoor cooking class.
  • Shop at a farmer’s market and stock up on some of 2015’s newest produce.
  • On Saturday mornings, drive around a few yard sales or flea markets or plan and host one of your own.
Flea market (image: wral.com)

Flea market
(image: wral.com)


  • Grab the kids and go to the dollar store or Goodwill. Give each child $5 and let them shop, but only if they buy outdoor-type items. Encourage gardening items (little shovels and seeds), sidewalk chalk and buckets and toys.
  • Plant a little home garden. Even if you just have a balcony in an apartment building, you can grow basil or lavender with a pail, gardening soil, seeds and some sun.
Plant seedlings (image: Pixabay.com)

Plant seedlings
(image: Pixabay.com)


  • Print out a blank calendar and plan something fun each weekend — a health fair in the community, yoga seminar, fundraiser breakfast or a playdate.
  • Gather the family or friends and have a potluck dinner night — have everyone bring something special and unique to their family.
  • Walk the dog a new way, and just enjoy the wandering.
  • Sleep late and make pancakes for lunch.

What are your favorite ways to shake off the winter chill?