Do you remember when you participated in your school music programs or school plays? Do you remember your parents or other family in the audience taking photos? Going to your own children’s programs?

What you probably did not know is that while you or your family members were learning music, a type of concert was happening in the brain. A genesis of sorts. Brain research over the past couple of decades keeps confirming that early music learning boosts brain development in substantial ways.

It’s been my opinion for a long time that serious music instruction should play a part in early intervention to prevent reading and math learning problems. The Suzuki method, for example, is designed to teach tiny children music while postponing the reading of music (which is why a 2 to 4 year old can be enthusiastic about playing the violin).

Any talk about cutting arts from schools makes me crazy. The arts, especially music, are the things that glue all learning together. They help us learn. They help us remember.

This year, why not attend one of Marietta School’s holiday concerts? While you listen to the beautiful sound of children making music, imagine the fireworks bursting inside those growing brains!
Like Schinichi Suzuki said in “Nurtured by Love,” we don’t teach music to make musicians. We teach music to make good human beings. (I am paraphrasing because I can’t find my book!)
There is so much we can say about music and learning. For now, let’s just go and be entertained.

Marietta City Schools Holiday Program Schedule:

 Corrections below: (Thank you to the readers who brought the schedule errors to our attention!)

Dec. 8, Highschool Band at 7:00

Dec. 15, Harmar at 5:30

Dec. 19, Putnam at 6:00
Dec. 20, Washington at 6:00
Philips — Still waiting to hear.