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Need to homeschool but have to work? Let me help.

I’m a teacher with two Master’s in Education: Curriculum and instruction and special education.  Before I was a teacher, I homeschooled my four children. I have ideas on how I can help families. Call me to discuss your needs and let’s see what we can work out.

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Help setting up


If you need help getting set up, either as a family or with other families, let’s talk about possibilities. I can help you find suitable curriculum and other resources as needed. One of my ideas is to set up a group of kids from more than one family with curriculum, structure and a schedule, and with some kind of supervision. The supervision can be the parents taking turns or someone from care dot com. I can come on a regular basis or just as needed (in person, zoom or a combination). This is in embryonic stage right now, so your input will help form this! I look forward to talking with you!

Also available:
One on one tutoring.

Writing classes, all ages.
Help with college level academic writing.

Choose from Project based or traditional curriculum

Christiane Marshall,

M.Ed Curriculum & Instruction

M.Ed Special Education



My Vision

I believe every child can learn and I want to help facilitate learning with joy. I want to find the best and most effective methods for your child. 


So How Does Food Heal? Or Does it?

So How Does Food Heal? Or Does it?

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A few tips on driving in the snow

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