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Workbooks, questionnaires, tests and worksheets no longer show up in our homeschool. We gave up our “schoolish” ways for something easier, more natural and most effective. I no longer worry if my children will “know” enough in language arts. Learning flows naturally as they progress. This is the way of an Inspired Education.

One of our key habits in our language arts academic plan includes narration. Narration at any age is an effective learning method and extremely simple to do. What is the art of narration? It’s the skillful allowing of your children to explain in their own words a story that interests them. Yes, it’s that simple. If you have not implemented this with your child, I highly suggest beginning now.

Narration can be done in the most loving and supportive ways. Do not merely make narration a check point on their to-do list or a required task. You will simply ask the child to tell you what he is learning. If he is reading a particular book then ask him to share with you in his own words what he is reading. This can be done while on a walk, sitting outside, while you’re cooking dinner or eating together. There are no limits. You’re living an Inspired Education.

Narration Tips:

  • As an interested parent, not their “teacher,” ask your child what he read about today. If need be, prompt them to tell you more “because I’d like to hear more about your reading.”
  • Do not “train” them to narrate. You’re simply asking them to re-tell the story they read in their own words.
  • Do not even call it narration, keep it simple and as a loving gesture. Your child will be boosted by your interest and support.
  • Do this a couple times a week or more if this is comfortable for you and the child.
  • Be sure to be fully present with what your child is telling, paying close attention and not allowing distractions. No multitasking allowed.
  • Ask the child if he wants to hear about what you’ve been reading. In this way you share in the excitement and love for learning. You also model your enthusiasm and in-depth descriptions when narrating what you’ve read.


A few “No-Nos” when it comes to narration: iStock_000036803782_Mom and daughter talking 1

  • No written questions, writing of the narration or formalized “testing” of books read.
  • No need for you to pre-read the story in order to interact with your child. Use curiosity and genuine interest.
  • No criticism; instead ask inquisitive questions to draw out the information and keep the whole process positive.

Before a child can begin writing papers he needs to be able to bring forth organized thought. Narration makes it easy and natural for the student to emulate well-written literature verbally evolving into writing as he grows.

Not only will the narration be contributing to your child’s excellence in writing, but also to his ability to communicate knowledge and the beginning of public speaking skills.

Enjoy narration; make it fun, exciting and joyful. This will greatly empower the love for learning.

Parents Inspired to Action:

Let go of the need for workbooks, test questions and creating a whole other subject to check off as narration. Be sure you’re doing it in the course of natural living and with a special interest in what your child is reading and learning.

Sit with your children and look into their eyes as they tell you about what they’re learning. Remember, you’re inspiring a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

Children Inspired to Action:

Encourage your children to read the best books so they can learn not only morals from the classics, but also develop excellence in writing and speaking. As they go through the process of narration allow them to have a turn at listening to you share what you’re reading. Allow for natural questions whether they make sense to you or not. Have fun with them and be creative!
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Think peace, live love.