A place to call home, a pool, a beach!

A place to call home, a pool, a beach!

I found this cozy place by accident when the Mariott wouldn’t honor the special group rate for my room for the yearly Artist’s And Writer’s Inc. (AWAI) conference three years ago. I worked my way down South Ocean Boulevard until someone had a room available.

Wright by the Sea Resort has its own beach! No need to drive somewhere, find parking and cross the street. Just grab a towel and walk to the backyard beach!

The nicely landscaped grounds with carved curved brick or sand walkways draw you into the special areas – the beach and cabanas, grill area, pool.

This sandy walkway leads to the beach!

This sandy walkway leads to the beach!

I can see the beach from my room!

As I write this I’m sitting outside of my room at a little table area. (Every room has one.) Little brown lizards scurry across the walkway now and then. Every attempt to photograph them is futile because they zip quickly by — all I get is a little brown blur!

I like the fact that for the price of a hotel, I get an apartment with living room, kitchen and bedroom. Plus there’s a little room for luggage and a dresser to put clothing in.

Your own living room, bedroom and kitchen!

Your own cozy living room, bedroom and kitchen!

I can make my own smoothies. I had to ask for a blender, but they had one! If a cooking tool is missing, chances are they have one for the asking. I can make my own salads and soups and even bake something if I wanted to.

I always buy a basil plant at the nearby Publix to use in my cooking, and give it away when I leave.

Green Smoothie and Fresh Squeezed OJ

Green Smoothie and Fresh Squeezed OJ

And housekeeping loads the dishwasher!

Every year the same people run the place, and seem to know everyone who visits. That’s because once you come to Wright by the Sea, you’re hooked. It feels like I’m with family.

Besides all of the amenities, organically grown bananas and coconut make up the landscape. Here is a bunch for the taking. If you see these out, better grab one while you can! They don’t last long and they’re perfect for smoothies!

Organic Bananas

And if you write like me, Wright by the Sea is the right place to write.

Ah!! I floated on my back in the pool on a warm night in October, gazing at the dark night sky. The coconut palm branches swirled gently in the breeze above my head.  I was alone, yet heard the low voices of conversations on porches nearby. Now and then hearty laughter, or the sound of a toddler’s giggle. Not too far off, the pounding surf punctuated the air with its soothing rhythm.

Can you hear the surf calling your name?

Wright by the Sea's Private Beach at Delray Beach, Florida

Wright by the Sea’s Private Beach at Delray Beach, Florida

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