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Why not pay a small monthly fee to host a page on Marietta and Beyond? We can help with social media promotion too. Call to make an appointment to talk about options! 740-370-6347. 


SIGN UP ON THIS PAGE and either submit a post or say “coming soon,” and let’s talk about your needs. More instructions on page.


If you just have a poster, follow these instructions:

First, upload your poster and description. To publish, please submit $10 through after uploading your poster, or call for other options. It’s easy to set up an account and popmoney fee is less than a dollar. To send money, our popmoney email is (Way better than paypal!)

Posters will be put together in a blog post and promoted on facebook for one week. Charge is $10 only for photo and description. Please – We need your phone number so we can confirm information before publishing!

Get started on Popmoney.

Also, your feedback is appreciated as this is very new. Thank you!

Christiane Marshall