Way Beyond Marietta is for people from the area to read about and share special places they’ve been to. Anywhere from a surprise off a US freeway as they are traveling through an area, to a tourist area here or abroad! If you have pictures or a special place to share, please let us know! IPhone photos are okay. My parents used to stop at White River Junction in Vermont on their way to Canada. What’s your favorite stop?

Wytheville, VA

Traveling through Virginia on 81 or 77? You Must Stop Here!

Whether it’s to stop at a Walmart or you need a place to eat or stay overnight, you will find breathtaking scenes! If you want to take great pictures as you drive on the freeway, make sure someone in the car has a camera ready. You’ve been to places like this — places where even the rest areas are beautiful parks in their own right!

Wytheville VA is at the crossroads of Interstate 81 and 77. If like me, you didn’t grow up in a mountainous area, your spirit will feel refreshed just taking in the scenes here. I stayed in the Comfort Inn which occupies the highest point. The hotel parking lot itself has views to comfort your soul. On one side I saw a great pastoral scene complete with rolling hills, well cared for pastures and cattle.

The other side of the hotel overlooks the beautifully landscaped town flanked by mountains and hills. You almost want to set up a tent or just a sleeping bag right there in the parking lot.

Wytheville, VA II

I know that my non-professional attempts at capturing the scenes with my inexpensive camera or iphone will fall short. Eyes may just glaze over as I share the photos with enthusiastic speech. And I’ll know I haven’t accomplished my goal of bringing the feel and beauty of the place home.

But then I can say – “You have to see it for yourself! It’s gorgeous and if you are driving that way, stop there to get gas, pick up something to eat, or sleep!”

It’s marked in my book as a preferred stop.

Please tell us where all the great stops are! Share your favorites!