Image: Passion Works Studio


The ground is thawing, the days are growing longer and the air is warming; spring is arriving. We can find creative inspiration in the shining sun, blossoming flowers and singing birds. Choosing a creative outlet that frees our unique talents is a great way to escape the daily routine and responsibility and to find peace of mind. The Passion Works Studio, located at 20 East State Street in Athens, Ohio, offers a space for community members and artists to create one-of-a-kind art productions together.

Building on Abilities

The Passion Works Studio is an extension of the Athens County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Designed to create art opportunities for people with a variety of needs and strengths, this program also supports collaborations between artists with and without developmental disabilities. Since 1998 the studio has created many original art pieces and translated artworks into items such as jewelry, greeting cards and the famous flowers that can be found in several Athens businesses.

Inspiring Confidence and Community

The art productions created by the Passion Works Studio serve as employment for their clients and a fund for the continuation of their diverse art programs. The clients are able to become active members in their communities by offering art exhibits such as restaurant installations and window displays. The studio also produces original coloring books to be given away to school-age children and during workshops. This program provides services for 135 adults possessing a wide range of needs and talents.

Let’s Get Involved

This beautiful program is an inspiration as they create an open space for artistic expression and personal growth to community members with and without developmental disabilities. This is only one way to get involved with the Passion Works Studio — one can also purchase some of the one-of-a-kind masterpieces at the Passion Works store or on their website, These proceeds provide an income for the artists and the funds to continue services. Maybe you’re not an art person? Donations are always accepted and can also be made on the Passion Works website.



In Conclusion

As the Earth is awakening around us and life is returning, we too should allow our aesthetic talents to blossom. Plant a garden of joy within yourself by finding the time to free your creative side. Art programs like the Passion Works Studio in Athens, Ohio, is proof of the many benefits of planting seeds of love and acceptance in ourselves, those we encounter, and in our communities. We are all unique flowers inspired by the rising sun to grow into beautiful individuals.

 What inspires you? How can you express your unique talent?