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Ham & Cheese Croissant (Free stock photo)

Ahh sandwiches! What’s better than a favorite filling with some hearty bread? Since the days of the Earl of Sandwich (John Montagu, a 17th century royal who decided he didn’t want to leave the cribbage table for nourishment and had his servant craft a meal of meat betwixt two slices of bread. Voilà: the sandwich!) people have been getting quite creative with their bread and meats.

Depending on your geographical origin, the hoagie (or grinder or zep with variations) gets top billing. A fresh Italian roll with meats, vegetables, cheeses and seasonings is a familiar favorite. PB&J, ham & cheese, chicken or tuna salad on a croissant, club sandwiches with turkey, ham and bacon, roast beef & provolone are all delicious favorites, but why not get a bit adventurous for your next foray for lunch?

Instead of just mayo, mustard or ketchup, try a teaspoon of Greek yogurt with sprinkling of turmeric; try whole-grain mustard, or balsamic vinegar and herb-infused oil (think garlic or basil) as sandwich bases. Avocado makes a great base too, as does tahini.

Club sandwich (Wiki photo)

Avocado BLT
Balsamic mayo
Sliced avocado
Buttercrunch lettuce

Layer on your favorite bread and enjoy.
“It’s the ultimate BLT with a creamy texture, a salty finish and a tanginess of the balsamic,” says Astra Thomas, a sandwich aficionado.

Get creative with your sandwich; gone are the days of just ham and cheese. Add sliced peppers or cucumbers; try chopped strawberries or crumbled blue cheeses.

Ham & Cheese w Apple (Wikipic photo)

Ham & Cheese w Apple (Wikipic photo)


Grilled Apple, Ham & Cheese
Slices of ham
Gruyere cheese
Granny Smith apple
Whole grain mustard
Rye or sourdough bread — 2 slices

Very lightly butter the sides of two slices of bread — just enough to crisp up the bread. Lay them on a hot griddle or pan. Spread whole grain mustard on the tops of the two slices and layer the ham and Gruyere cheese. Thinly slice the apple, just about 2-3 fine slices, and lay over the ham and cheese. After 4-5 minutes, using a spatula, carefully bring the sandwich halves together and toast an additional minute on both sides.

The cool sweetness and crunch are a perfect contract to the gooey cheese goodness and warm ham.

Laura Klotz, a Lehigh Valley author, likes her tuna salad with just a few tweaks. “StarKist tuna — I’m picky — mixed with mashed avocado, chunks of hard-boiled egg and finely diced carrot, celery, onion and cucumber, spread thick on whole wheat bread and topped with sliced tomato. It’s incredibly filling! I need to eat more of it.”

And don’t forget breakfast for lunch: eggs, ham, vegetables and cheese or any combo of those within an English muffin or rye toast, or tucked within 2 waffles or pancakes or a tortilla.

Aren’t you hungry!? What sandwich combos do you enjoy?