IMG_5145Waking up Easter morning has always been one of my fondest childhood memories. Running down the stairs, trying to beat my excited siblings to the kitchen table where there were beautifully filled baskets individually labeled with each child’s name. And even though I no longer receive a candy-filled Easter basket, that feeling remains with me as I get in my car, spend an hour driving with my loyal pup beside me and finally arrive at my destination: My parents’ farm.

Jewel the pregnant doe.

Jewel the pregnant doe

Springtime is one of my favorite seasons to visit my parents’ farm. With all the new life and growth happening around you, one can’t help but feel the freshness in the air. As the new lambs frolic in the pasture the worried mothers cry out to their little ones. A pregnant goat named Jewel stands by the barn looking rather miserable as she waits to give birth to the farm’s newest babies. Soon chicks will be hatching, goslings will be running around and piglets will be rooting in the dirt trying to find something yummy to munch on. Walking through the many flower beds that are lined with new sprouts popping through the ground warming themselves in the midday sun, it is a delight to my eyes to see such amazing new life bursting forth. The garden is ready for the plow, as seeds planted by nurturing hands will soon start to take root and grow into delicious organic vegetables to be enjoyed by all for months to come.

IMG_5148The warm spring sun sinks below the tree line as the cool evening air sends chills down your neck. There is no better way to close this beautiful Easter Sunday than by sitting on the front porch swing listening to the spring peepers sing their lullaby. Easter is a time to enjoy the gifts of spring, and the new life that comes forth. Let us rejoice in the new life that has been given to us. Happy Easter to all.

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Audrey Lohrey – Owner, Audies Angels