istock 000071096981 art supplies“I run my life like a business — I set priorities and do things in an order — it’s the art of self-conscious living.” Margery Miller

Do you wind things down for the summer? Rather than totally shutting down all academics for “summer” consider using this extra time to set yourself up for daily success, now and when you resume academics. Consistency is crucial and chaos is costly to any homeschool structure. Inconsistencies and chaos cost you time and money, and academics and character building suffer. When things run smoothly, everything is organized and you’re using a proven system, leaving no room for chaos.

A business has to run on purpose to be profitable. Like a business your family and children’s education must be managed in a way that produces results. This means being on point and being laser focused on a daily basis throughout all that we do. It means acting purposefully in all areas.

With all that we have to handle between raising our children, working, keeping the household running, relationships and the list goes on, we could all use more help. Do you feel overwhelmed and at times like you’re the only one working so hard? Systems in place will give you the advantage just as if you had a couple of personal assistants. You’re saving much time and energy with your systems working to your advantage rather than re-inventing the wheel over and over again. There’s no more “shooting from the hip” and you now are confident because you’re making meaningful decisions and seeing results.

Here’s how to get started:

  • On one half of a page make a list of what you want to do but can’t ever seem to get done. On the second half of the page write anything that is taking too much time, causing you stress or what you would like to eliminate or delegate to someone else.
  • Review what you’re already doing and group like items, note what you can delegate and determine what can be automated with technology to go on autopilot.
  • Now it’s time to set it all up so that it flows and can be handled easily. As you’re making adjustments and changes be sure to note what is working so it can become a part of your system. This is where you create the results you want to see over and over again with less effort.
  • Create an accountability system so you know things are getting done and you can breathe knowing it’s all taken care of, even when you’re sitting back reading that book that you have wanted to read for so long.

Much of what we do can be systematized throughout our daily life, homeschool and business. In your daily life you can systematize household tasks, meal planning, schedules, shopping, appointments, personal email, errands and there’s plenty more I haven’t listed. Consider everything you do and ask yourself, “how could this be systematized?” In your homeschool you can systematize your academic plan, recordkeeping, schedule and outings. We go into depth with all of this in the Inner Circle including combining working and homeschooling.

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” Stephen Covey

What’s fabulous about systems is that you can implement them to work for you and without hiring outside assistance you can make your workload easier to manage. This means less meltdowns, and you can make responsible decisions, honor the whole family and live in harmony.

Parents Inspired to Action:

  1. Take each step through the points listed above to create what you really want to be living.
  2. Implement your system and stay true to your schedule and plan so it can work for you.
  3. Re-evaluate what is not working on its own and determine how it can be handled.
  4. Follow-up will ensure greater success. Minimal management will be necessary to make it work for you.

Children Inspired to Action:

  1. Review your lists with your spouse and your children. Are there any responsibilities that can be shared?
  2. Teenagers these days are up on the latest ways to systematize through technology. What kind of ideas can your older children offer?
  3. Be sure and systematize their academics for usability and effectiveness.
  4. As you walk beside your children through these processes they are learning priceless life lessons. Be sure to include them and everyone can work together as a team.

You’re going to be amazed at how many problems melt away as you create these systems.You’ll have more time to do the things you want to do and space to really enjoy each moment with your family. This is what it’s all about — homeschooling and enjoying all facets of your life as a family.

Do you have specific questions about creating systems? You might be wondering what kind of systems you can incorporate to get the results you’re looking for in your own homeschool and life. What are the daily details to make it happen? Trial and error can take a lot of time. Successful people always incorporate the help of mentors and coaches so they don’t have to re-invent the wheel. If you would like a more systematic approach that includes the details to help you produce real change fast, I recommend joining the Mentor Mastery Inner Circle. It keeps you inspired and gives you the most important things for setting up simple, effective systems giving your children an education in excellence while creating family harmony. It’s all step-by-step supporting you all along the way. It’s easy. It’s affordable. Get started today at

Think peace, live love.