soccerThe recent weather may make it hard to believe, but Spring is just right around the corner. As a mom of two active children, spring means a new start of soccer season. As a matter of fact, most Soccer Leagues have started accepting new members to sign up.

Want to know where here to sign up? What’s the age limit? Why Soccer?

Here is specific information about the Marietta and Belpre Soccer Leagues. If you know of a local soccer league I encourage you to check them out and comment below so others from your area will have that information.

No matter where your child is playing,  they will benefit from playing soccer!

Where to Sign Up

Marietta and Belpre Soccer Leagues are not based on school districts. So no matter where you live, your child can sign up for the Belpre or Marietta League. You can sign your child up for soccer as early as 4 years old. They must be 4 years old by July 31st, 2014. Soccer Teams are based on age. Below are the sign up criteria for the Marietta and Belpre Divisions:

Marietta Division:

Division         Born Between

U6                 8/1/2008 and 7/31/2010
U8                 8/1/2006 and 7/31/2008
U10               8/1/2004 and 7/31/2006
U12               8/1/2002 and 7/31/2004
U14               8/1/2000 and 7/31/2002

Belpre Division:

Division        Born Between

U6                 8/1/2008 and 7/31/2010
U8                 8/1/2006 and 7/31/2008
U10               8/1/2004 and 7/31/2006
U13               8/1/2001 and 7/31/2004
U17               8/1/1997 and 7/31/2002


The Belpre Soccer League is located on Washington Blvd. in Belpre Ohio, Directly behind Wendy’s, across from NAPA Auto Parts, and by Middleton Doll.

The Marietta Soccer League is located at the Devola Soccer Complex 732 River Road Marietta Oh 45750.

You can sign your child up by visiting their websites:

Belpre Soccer League

Marietta Soccer League

Finally I am ready to answer the most important question, why soccer?

I’m sure you are aware of the obvious reason which is to have your child be active. We all know the rate of obesity is growing daily even in children. Teaching our children to be active and eat healthy is important.

Soccer as an Aerobic Sport

But how do you get your kids to be active? Soccer is a great way to introduce them to a very active sport. Soccer is actually considered an aerobic sport because it involves a lot of cardiovascular exercise. Because of the exercises your child will do throughout practices and games, your child’s heart and lung will be healthier. Soccer is one of the best ways to get a child in good shape.

Soccer Increases Self Confidence.

It doesn’t matter if soccer is something that comes to your child naturally or if your child will have to work for it it. Both increase you child’s confidence.

My oldest daughter McKenzie started her first year of soccer last year and she had to really practice. It didn’t come naturally for her. Her position was Back D (She Helped Defend the Goalie). And after a couple weeks of practicing in one game she finally blocked the other team scoring a point.

Now if you asked her what she remembers about soccer, she will say I had to practice really hard but then I was able to do it. A couple weeks into the game she was even willing to try different positions. Her self confidence definitely increased over one season. This is an important benefit. I wonder how more confidence might help with all of the challenges children face these days. I believe soccer helps build self confidence in a healthy manner.

Soccer Teaches Endurance

McKenzie’s first homework in U6 last year was to go home and look up the definition of endurance as that was their theme: “To Endure, To Keep Trying.” Along with being a healthy frame of mind, it is important for our children to know. Sometimes things get hard but you have to keep trying. Rather than focusing on loosing or winning, the focus is on finishing the game and doing their best. Endurance is taught by allowing some healthy competition on the field. It helps team members want to strive to be better at something.

Soccer is Not a One Man Show

It takes a team to score a point. Soccer helps children develop team work and team spirit. This was interesting to watch the coach teach to the U6 kids last year.

At first we had kids wanting to run after the ball and not paying attention to the other players. They just focused on the ball. The coach showed these kids if it was a team vs. one that they would never win.

He encouraged them to use their voice to say hey I’m open and the coach encouraged passing, not just kicking it in the goal. Actually most practices focused on passing.

Friendship and Fun — Benefits of Playing on a Team

Last and simply it just builds friendships and all the children get to have fun. Which is the number one reason I have decided to be the crazy soccer mom and continue to shuffle between school, work, soccer, and church. We will brave this season with a smile on our faces! 🙂

Please tell us your funny, sad or thrilling soccer stories in the comments below!