Summer isn’t over yet, and we still have a good three or four weeks until school starts, plus a whole month of glorious warmth in September.

Here are 21 things to do before summer is over!

Bake Cupcakes Photo:

Bake Cupcakes! Photo:

  1. At your local CSA or farmer’s market, grab as many bruised tomatoes and eggplant as possible in the extras bin and make tomato sauce and eggplant Parmesan to freeze for the winter.
  2. Play hooky and take your kids or S.O. or yourself to the park, lake or beach and relax.
  3. Turn off your phone — put it on “do not disturb” for one or two hours.
  4. Eat fresh all day: berries and yogurt smoothies, organic eggs and ham, fresh items that are all found in or close to nature — nothing processed!
  5. Go swimming.
  6. Send handmade and homemade hello and thinking of you cards to friends and parents.
  7. Walk and snuggle the pets.

    Naptime with doggie! Photo:

    Naptime with doggie! Image:

  8. Check your credit score, and then make strides to improve it. Check out to sign up for free.
  9. Climb a tree or sit under one and marvel at nature’s beauty.
  10. Have an “eat from the pantry” day: Make soup, sandwiches and desserts and more, all from items in the pantry — use it up!
  11. Go for a bike ride somewhere new.
  12. Help a grandparent for the day.
  13. Visit a landmark you have never been to.
  14. Take a nap and watch a movie.
  15. Host a potluck dinner party.
  16. Have a spa party with the kids.
  17. Clean out a closet that you usually avoid cleaning, then repurpose or donate unused items.
  18. Throw a dessert party: Make your own ice cream sundaes, cake and whipped cream, or decorate your own cupcakes.
  19. Make seasonal summer bread: zucchini bread, carrot cake, berry crumble.

    Enjoy a bike ride! Photo:

    Enjoy a bike ride! Image:

  20. Make coffee and tea bags for work, travel and your own personal use. Coffee works well too!
  21. Breathe in, enjoy life and count your blessings. Today is a gift, someone wise once said!