I recently ran across a youtuber who was encouraging buyers of homes not to trust their buyer’s agent/realtor ®! Better advice is to find an agent you can trust. A buyer’s agent is your best friend when you are searching for a house. The best part is that you don’t have to pay for their help. Real estate agents are highly regulated. We have very high standards we have to meet, and we are required  to keep up with changes in the law through classes. In this brief video, Bob Kutschbach explains how we can help you during the process of building a new home.

Protect yourself when building a new home by using a REALTOR®! When working with builders, agents do much more than show you homes; they protect your interests every step of the way.  From ground breaking to closing, using a REALTOR® is important!

There are lots of potential gremlins in the home building process. You should have an advocate! ~ Christiane Marshall